Navasota Bluesfest HIGHlights

June 8, 2017

Navasota Bluesfest HIGHlights

These are random shots and observations in preceding Navasota Bluesfests, held each weekend in August. The point is, we’ve got a great deal of pleasure!

Yet more, the very best occasion for 2010 Navasota Bluesfest is your very first one… What’s unbelievable insight into what Heaven would be like: Jews, gentiles, blacks, whites and hispanics, all observing as you, praising God together with all the very rockin’ songs you’ve ever discovered. It is a fantastic thing the majority of individuals do not go, also it might need to be transferred into a larger place… that was packaged.

This item is sooo cool, so it is far better than I could explain or you’ll be able to picture, quite inspirational and uplifting for those who attend… good preachin’, prayin’, singin’ and also some dancin’, so I suppose it had been organized by… HIM. Holy Blues!

Thanks for St. Pauls for providing us such a leading event. As a result of GOD for making it happen!
This event has turned into an yearly feast for a number of us… these blessed shots may only hint in the nice songs we hear annually in the Navasota Bluesfest!

To top it off, Don Kesee had been his normal genius self control and the Bluesmasters played bliss as they should be played with.

Navasota Bluesfest HIGHlights

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