January 19, 2018 Rick

Many of the people have a goal that they want to get fit. The problem is that most of the people think that if they are having muscles, they are completely fit. Fitness is a state of the body in which you are able to combine all 4 elements and you are able to build a proper body catering to all these 4 elements. We would today share with you four such different elements which constitute fitness. When you are able to achieve all of these 4 elements, you can call yourself fit.


  1. Aerobic capability:

Aerobic capability refers to the cardiovascular system and the health. You need to understand that only when you are able to enhance the power of the cardiovascular system and are able to accordingly conduct exercises or undertake physical activities, you can be sure that you have achieved aerobic capability. You need to understand that instead of just being able to endure these exercises for 2 to 3 minutes, it is a better idea to consistently practice till the time you are able to undertake such physical activities for a longer period of time. Thereafter only you can assume that you have gained aerobic capability.


  1. Muscular strength:

With the buildup of the muscles, you have to train these muscles in order to endure harsh physical activities. Only when you’re actually having the muscle capacity to endure these activities, it would be easier for you to go ahead and accomplish these activities without getting tired. The only way to do so is to continuously strengthen your muscles. Once you are able to continuously strengthen your muscles, there would be no risk of injury and you would be able to endure physical task quite easily.


  1. Complete flexibility:

In order to endure the highly demanding physical task, you need to have proper flexibility as well. This would protect your bone joints and ensure that you are not fracturing the bones when the tension on your joints is immense. This can only be achieved with constant practice. If you’re thinking that you would be able to achieve flexibility in a couple of months, you are completely wrong.


  1. Proper constitution of body muscles:

In the body, you would have muscles as well as body fat. You need to understand that even though having less body fat is desirable but you need to have the proper percentage of muscles as well. When you are able to achieve this desired goal, you can be sure that you would be able to call yourself fit. Ideally, the body fat percentage should be below 24%. This is for the average person. On the other hand, if you want to call yourself fit, it should be less than 17% and above 14% in men. Similarly, in women, it should be less than 24% in above 21%. Only when that is the case, you can be sure that you would be able to call yourself completely fit.

Thus, instead of assuming that fitness is just a certain condition which you have to achieve in your body, you have to look at these different elements of fitness. Once you are able to look at these different elements of fitness, you would be able to decide for yourself whether you are physically fit or not. It is important for you to always assume that physical fitness is actually a journey rather than a goal. Only then, you would be able to achieve physical fitness and you would be able to maintain it as well. When you concentrate on all 4 of these elements, it would indeed become easier for you to achieve proper fitness. The main impact of this fitness would be visible even during the day to day activities when you would have increased stamina as well as you would not suffer from physical injuries easily. Instead of just having a single goal like building biceps or building muscles, it is a better idea to aim to achieve fitness which would ensure that you are physically healthy and your body is able to endure a lot of physical stress as well.


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