January 16, 2018 Rick

Millions of people in America are suffering from depression year on year. The problem is that in the normal society, there is hardly any accurate and precise information about depression. This makes the situation even worse for people who are suffering from depression. Today, we would debunk four such myths about depression which are currently prevailing in the society. These facts would help you fight depression in a much better way.

  1. Depression means of sadness:

One of the most common myths when it comes to depression is that the depressed person would always be sad. You need to understand that sadness is just a single symptom of depression. If a person is sad does not mean that he is depressed. On the other hand, if the person is suffering from depression, does not mean that he would always be said. That is why you need to understand that these two things can be mutually exclusive as well in certain cases. In most of the cases, when people are suffering from depression, they are only sad momentarily and often, it is impulsive. On the other hand, when they are suffering from depression, it can be life-threatening as well, and it can cause a lot of other symptoms than sadness as well.

  1. Depression only occurs when a person suffers from traumatic situations:

While traumatic situations, as well as sad situations, can indeed trigger depression but they are not the only cause of depression. Many times, loneliness, as well as a change in lifestyle, can also cause depression. Also, when a person faces a challenging situation, it does not mean that the person would be suffering from depression in case he or she fails. Thus, you need to understand that traumatic situations can indeed trigger depression but that is not always the cause of depression.

  1. Depression only affects the mental health:

This again is a myth. Even though depression can be considered as an emotional and mental problem, but the effects of depression on the physical health are also immense. Depression can result in erratic blood pressure levels as well as stomach pain and also indigestion as well. Loss of energy as well as feeling tired all the time is other symptoms of depression as well. Thus, if you’re taking depression lightly thinking that it is just an emotional problem, you need to think again. The toll which depression takes on our body is immense.

This very reason, it is important to start the treatment of depression as soon as possible so that these physical, as well as emotional problems are eliminated.

  1. Antidepressants are the only treatment for depression:

Again, there are quite a few alternative therapy treatments which are available for depression. If you want to avoid antidepressants, you can go for counseling as well as light therapy. The number of treatments available for depression is plenty. Antidepressants, however, are the most common type of treatment as they are quick to act. If you’re suffering from severe depression, the doctors would have no other choice but to prescribe antidepressants. On the other hand, if the problem of depression is detected quite quickly in your case, the doctor might recommend counseling as well as other alternative therapies as well. In such a case, you can skip antidepressants altogether.

The more our society learns about depression, the easier it would be for them to handle such cases at personal as well as professional levels. Currently, depression is belittled in many parts of the society, but the truth is that it can be as severe as any other physical medical problem. Hopefully, with the information which we shared above, people would be able to understand the gravity of the situation when someone is suffering from depression and lend them the support which they deserve.

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