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The ankle sprain is probably one of the most well-known injuries in the population and one of the illnesses worst treated by our hospital medicine. In this article, we explain 4 tips so you can heal a sprain in the most effective way.

What is a sprained ankle?

The sprained ankle involves a tear or tear, to a greater or lesser degree, of one or more ligaments of the ankle. In the ankle, the ligaments can be broken both from the external part as well as from the internal part, but the most frequent one and the one that occurs in almost all cases is concretely in the external lateral ligaments.

Signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle

This rupture or partial tear of the ligament causes a hemorrhage or bleeding, which in the case of the ankle is shown very quickly, appreciating in the area of injury a bulge in the form of purple or red half egg. Added to this spill, the foot is losing its normal mobility due to pain and limitation of movement that represents the increase in fluid in the ankle (the fluid limits movement), which makes difficult to a greater or lesser degree, the ability to walk so that a limp appears progressively.

Ankle sprain: treatment

Ankle sprains are common in athletes since that joint is subject to a lot of pressure when running. It usually occurs when you take a bad step or get stumbled. The ankle swells when it is twisted and you feel an intense pain that may prevent you from moving normally (although it depends on the severity of the sprain). To avoid recurrent sprains, it is necessary to let the sprain heal completely. Luckily, there are ways to speed up the process.

How to cure a fast ankle sprain?

The first thing is to rest the ankle and avoid doing activities that can damage it more. Sometimes it may be advisable to use crutches or a cane (according to the doctor’s instructions) also a good ankle brace offers reinforcement to a joint in the process of recovery. Do not completely avoid physical activity. Swimming can be a good substitute for running. To avoid inflammation and pain, it is recommended to apply ice on the ankle for 15 minutes, 5 times a day for the first 3 days, including the moment just after suffering a sprain.

Another important point is to compress the ankle joint with a bandage that goes from the middle of the calf (more or less) to the toes. The pressure must be uniform, but without overdoing it. You will know that the bandage is too tight if the toes become blue or numb. One of the best options is to wear an anklet, which compresses the area well. In this post, we present several types of anklets according to the extent of your ailment.

When sitting at home comfortably on the couch or lying on the bed, keep the foot elevated above the heart. You can put your foot on a pair of comfortable cushions. This serves to help drain the fluid from inflammation. Once you are recovering mobility, do exercises to strengthen the ankle. Some useful exercises for the treatment of ankle sprain are:

  • Move the foot in circles
  • Draw the letters of the alphabet with the toes
  • Stretch the foot moving it from front to back

Following to the letter these tips to quickly cure a sprained ankle, you can resume your normal daily activity as soon as possible. Have you suffered a sprain? What treatments did you follow? Share your experiences in the comments.

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