January 16, 2018 Rick

Inflammation is a result of bacteria as well as viruses present in our body. The main issue is that if the problems which are causing inflammation in our body are persistent, it would also impact the immunization system of our body. Owing to this very reason, it is important to deal with the causes of inflammation as soon as possible. Instead of going for some harmful medicines which would cause side effects in the longer term, it is a much better idea to consume some anti-inflammatory foodstuffs on a regular basis. When you consume such foodstuffs on a regular basis, it would indeed become easier for you to avoid inflammation quite naturally. You need to also understand that inflammation can lead to other problems as well as cardiovascular diseases as well as irritable bowel syndrome and also diabetes. That is why it is important to consume anti-inflammatory foods on a regular basis.
We would today share with you three such food options which are anti-inflammatory and which would help you in treating inflammation in any part of the body.
1. Eggs:
Eggs consist of vitamin D. Vitamin D has been proven to cure inflammation. In addition to eggs, some of the other foodstuffs which are rich in vitamin D are:
• Herring
• Cod liver oil
• Salmon
• Sardines
Vitamin D also increases the absorption of calcium in the body. Vitamin D directly as well improves the bone health. Thus, if the inflammation is related to the bone joints as well, then also vitamin D can help you in reducing that inflammation. Vitamin D has a direct positive impact on the immunization system of the body. This ensures that not only, but it also provides temporary inflammation relief by strengthening the immunization system; it can help the body fight inflammation in the longer term.
2. Walnuts:
Walnuts consist of multiple nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for the body. These fatty acids reduce inflammation properties as well. Also, walnuts consist of ellagic acid as well. This acid also helps the body in fighting inflammation. The best time to consume walnuts is just before going to bed. Not only, you would be able to get a calm sleep, but also you would be able to enhance the immunization system of the body and reduce the inflammation while you’re sleeping as well. This would ensure that in the morning, you would be much more fresh and healthy.

3. Olive Oil:
Olive Oil consists of oleic acid in copious amounts. This particular acid can help you in reducing the inflammation in the body. Moreover, this acid also helps you reduce the severity of cardiovascular diseases and keep it at bay as well. Also, if you’re suffering from inflammation due to degenerative joint disease, then also Olive oil can help you. Olive oil, can, not only reduce inflammation but also reduce the other symptoms which are caused by inflammation as well. Thus, you can be sure that the pain in the bone joints can also be reduced by consuming Olive oil on a regular basis. Also, Olive oil has a positive impact on mental health as well and can help you in reducing the intensity of problems like depression as well as insomnia. Consuming Olive oil is also much easier as you can use it in regular cooking.
So, if you’re looking for foodstuffs which would help you in fighting and reduce inflammation in the body, these are the three foodstuffs which you should always look at. Consuming these foodstuffs on a regular basis as well would provide you with a lot of nutrients which are beneficial for the body.

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